Our brands, the international coalitions we are involved in and of which we feel a part, the companies with which we collaborate on a continuous basis for the development of new projects and services. In short – in just a single web page – our world, made up of a network of strategic relationships founded on a sharing of values and competence.

our brands


4sustainability® is the Process Factory brand that certifies the adoption of the sustainability roadmap by textile, fashion and luxury companies. The granting and maintaining of the brand are conditional to the implementation of a recognised business protocol, as well as to compliance with strict requirements that are continuously monitored.

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Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky is the Process Factory start-up dedicated exclusively to innovation, a centre for research and development concerning solutions for digital growth for companies and the implementation of technology suited to facilitating market actions. The name is a clear expression of the start-up’s approach: an invitation to businesspeople to keep their heads high and to watch the stars.

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PCube 4S

FabricaLab and Process Factory have brought together staff and skills to develop software dedicated to sustainability reporting, bringing conceptual and technological innovation to a process that in the majority of cases is currently carried out manually. The aim of PCube 4sustainability – the name of the software – is to optimise correlated activities, rendering the process more accurate and faster and providing more solid data.

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The United Nations Global Compact is the greatest ever strategic corporate citizenship initiative in the world. The businesses and organisations that, like Process Factory, have chosen to participate are committed to sharing, supporting and applying to their own sphere of influence a series of fundamental principles related to human rights, working standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

Textile Exchange is a global non-profit organisation whose mission is to lead the conversion of the sector towards the use of responsible fibres, standards and supply networks. Textile exchange, of which Process Factory is an active member, works to favour the acceleration of sustainable practices throughout the value chain, and in order to minimise, at every level, the harmful impact of the global textile industry.

ZDHC is an international programme that brings together the most important fashion brands, companies in the supply chain and those that provide support on various levels to the activities that gravitate around the common goal of eliminating the use of toxic and harmful chemical substances in production. Process factory is a ZDHC contributor, as well as the first certified training provider in Italy for Chemical Management in the global textiles industry.


Brachi Testing Services

Since its founding in 1977, Brachi Testing Services has focused on technical analysis and trials for the fashion and furniture industries. In 2013 it contributed to the setting up of 4sustainability, providing its technical knowledge of applied chemistry to products and processes.


FabricaLab is a technology partner specialised in the design and implementation of solutions concerning Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Integration Tools, Product Lifecycle Management, Corporate Performance Management and Identity and Access Management.  In collaboration with Process Factory, FabricaLab has developed the Sustainable Reporting software PCube4S.


A Dutch company involved in the promotion of recycling practices in the textiles sector, REMOKey is also the name of a system that uses a talking label to measure and communicate the actual percentage of recycled material used in the manufacturing of products, the relative saving in terms of lower environmental impact and the sustainability content related to the implementation of the  MRSL ZDHC through the Chemical Management 4sustainability® protocol.

Software AG

Software AG provides support to companies in their digital transformation processes. With the aid of its Digital Business Platform, businesses can improve client relationships, undertake innovative digital processes and develop new business models. In the Internet of Things (IoT) market, Software AG allows for the integration, connection and management of various IoT components, analyse data and predict future events with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ti Forma

Ti Forma designs and implements continuous training courses for local authorities, public utilities and businesses both in person and remotely. It also offers these organisations consultancy services based on its skills developed in the sectors of local public services, research and innovation, personnel selection, international projects and – with the collaboration of Process Factory – organisational development.


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