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In simple terms, a sustainability consulting firm helps businesses define their sustainable development strategy. But there is nothing simple about this. It involves measuring the environmental and social impacts of the organization and identifying areas for improvement based on growth objectives. What is the most suitable path and what tools are needed to reach the goal in the most effective and efficient way possible?

Process Factory is a sustainable consulting firm specialized in the fashion & luxury industry, supporting brands and companies in the production chain in their process of change. 4sustainability is the system that facilitates this transition in harmony with global sustainability regulations, the most accredited methodologies and initiatives, and market guidelines.

the culture of practicality

Through the 4sustainability framework, Process Factory supports brands and businesses in the fashion supply chain in their journey towards sustainability transition.

We are not consultants in the classic sense of the term, as we go much further than simply carrying out a diagnosis and then recommending action; we actively accompany the client in the implementation of projects identified as priorities for transformation.

Project after project, we have built on our experience and oriented our consultancy services towards innovation, making choices that define our current reputation and our vision of the future.

We see ourselves as Sustainable Business Makers, a claim that is also the Process Factory manifesto, a declaration of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

in constant evolution


We believe in a style of business that generates shared economic, social and environmental worth for all stakeholders.


Our focus is on processes, people and tools, guided by an innovative vision of the organisation and targeting our efforts on continuously improving performance.


We support fashion supply chain entities in transforming their business models into sustainable business models.

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