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Process Factory is a consulting firm specialized in providing integrated solutions for development to companies and public agencies.
The firm was founded in 2008 with the strong belief, collected from experience, that many businesses often poise latent questions regarding efficiency and the results of how processes are followed. Process Factory has gained experience in these business schemes from various industries providing solid and personalized solutions.
Processes and procedure, organization, human resources and business management, compliance, integration… Our projects are custom developed according to specific needs of the companies, from the initial stages of planning and until the monitoring results.
Our style mark is the ability to combine the method and high ranking expertise of big names with tailor made services.





We treasure every experience, yet firmly believe in the principles of innovation.
We value the honing of ones’ skill and talent, but the focus on team work as a motor of development. Our know how in the field in which we are capable is the synthesis of our ethos hence expertise is applied to these lines of thought.


We work to the best of our means, we are convinced that passion is a driving force in performance. The attitude to keen listen and be involved is what allow us to offer solutions and dedicated service for specific needs of companies.


Our DNA is a combination of ambition and goal oriented objectives however keeping in mind realistic and important aims. Perseverance and dedication is at the heart of our clients that has enbaled us to gain their trust. Our ability to understand and meet the challenges with the right amount of courage and responsibility which makes us trustworthy.


Our direction and dealings are inspired by integrity, propriety, professional ethics and transparency. The foundation of respect that we have for people in society in which we are part of, for our clients and we ourselves.



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Brachi Testing ServicesSince its foundation in 1977 Brachi Testing Services operates in the quality control field for the fashion and forniture industries. Its core business is not only the analysis and certification of products but timely advice on the most effective process to make sure these products comply with the standards required by national and international laws.

Process_Factory_ZDHCZDHC, meaning Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, is an international organization that brings together the leading fashion brands in the world around the common goal of gradually reducing the use of hazardous chemicals in production until their complete deletion. Process Factory is accredited by ZDHC as a training provider on chemical management. 

sga_process_factorySGA-SIOO was established in 2015 as a spin-off of the International School of Optics and Optometry. Promoted by Confcommercio Toscana, this initiative is addressed specifically to the optical centers. In a constantly changing market, SGA-SIOO aims at integrating its wide range of training opportunities with three new strategic areas: planning and control, organization and human resources management, and communication.

FedercasaFedercasa is the trade association of the Edilizia Residenziale Pubblica Italiana (Italian Public Housing). Federcasa represents these members of various national and international branches. They are active by way of setting objectives and means of housing policy, to promote development and new measures in the the public housing field, as well as working to improve effective management in public real estate.

4sustainability4sustainability is network of expertise and structured experience to provide companies full support to develop, manage and communicate projects and effective procedures for sustainability. Founders of 4sustainability are two specialists in respective fields such as Process Factory and Brachi, that also have a vast wealth of applied knowledge in the sector the network is founded on.

TIFORMA_logo_okTi Forma designs and creates, for government authorities, public utilities and private companies, continued training courses both at regional and national level. They also carry out consultancy services. They have acquired expertise in the local and public service fields, research and innovation, selection process of personnel for international projects as well as organizational development through Process Factory.

JSB_hr_JSB is a consulting company highly specialized in compliance and computer solutions for the pharmaceutical and security sectors.
JSB assists their clients in the important stages of compliance and businesses. Namely in updating the internal activities and procedures to meet the provisions of regulations, procedures and codes of conduct.

Software AGSoftware AG supports companies in their digital transformation path. Thanks to its Digital Business Platform, businesses can improve their relationship with customers, take innovative digital paths, develop new business models. In the Internet of Things (IoT) market, Software AG allows to integrate, connect and manage various IoT components, analyze data and forecast future events thanks to Artificial Intelligence (IA).









A.R.T.E GENOVA                  A.R.T.E SAVONA                ACEGAS APS                    ACQUE SPA 

ALLIANCE HEALTHCARE ITALIA                     AMCA ELEVATORI                     APES PISA

ARNO MANETTI                ATER AQUILA                  ATER LATINA                   ATER ROMA

ATER TREVISO                BARBAGLI                       BENETTON            


CLEVIRIA                          COLC                    DOMOLIFT ELEVATORI                    

EQUITALIA                        ERP LUCCA                      ERP MASSA      

ESANASTRI                     ESTAV CENTRO                    EUKEDOS                     EVEREST             

FARMA                      FIRENZE PARCHEGGI                     FONDAZIONE GUIDO MURALTI

GENIO CIVILE REGIONE TOSCANA                      GRUPPO COLLE                        GUCCI                  

KNORR-BREMSE ITALIA                 LA VILLA SPA                 LANIFICIO DELL’OLIVO                 

MAGIS                      MEDLIGHT             MENARINI                     PONT-TECH               

PUBLICASA                  ROBERTO NUTI                     

SABO AMMORTIZZATORI                    TREE                    VERGATI









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