Every single business has a responsibility

be it direct or indirect, to contribute to the achievement of the 17 goals set out in the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.

Every single business is called on to set in motion a process

for transforming their business model in terms of sustainability, a model capable of creating, providing and obtaining value for its stakeholders, maintaining or increasing the natural, economic and social capital on which it is based.


  • The purpose is the meaning and the raison d’être of each organisation, and sums up the expectations of the stakeholders, the surrounding context and the implications on the business model.
  • Unlike the mission and the vision, the definition of the purpose derives from the involvement of the stakeholders, first and foremost the company employees through who it should be recognisable, drawing inspiration, empowerment and motivation.
  • Process Factory provides support for organisations oriented towards adopting sustainability as a development strategy in defining their purpose, through an analysis of the company context, the current business model and the stakeholders

set up

  • In order for the idea of transformation to take form and become tangible, the purpose needs to be expressed in a series of choices and coherent actions that have a profound effect on market approach.
  • Organisations need to review, and in some cases reform, their business model on the basis of sustainability, bearing in mind the necessary balance between economic, social and environmental development for the benefit of all stakeholders. In other words, a model capable of creating and providing shared value.
  • Process Factory assists organisations in setting up their sustainable business models through participatory tools and methods: (sustainable) business model canvas, materiality analysis and stakeholder engagement.


  • The design phase is the most exciting. It is the stage in which ideas and creativity come together to define processes and programmes for Change Management, Process & People Management and Risk management.
  • At Process Factory, we believe that a winning approach to these goals needs to respond to concepts of integration and balance with a view to sustainability. The 17 sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations are the guiding light and the point of arrival that we need to examine during the design phase.


  • Even the best-laid plans are destined to fail if they do not receive suitable support in the implementation phase. The weakness of an organisation often lies in the gap between the definition of strategy and its actual execution.
  • Our support is targeted precisely to bridging this gap, with reference to the ESG factors (Environment, Social, Governance).
    Management systems: operational tools in the areas of QHSE.
    Environmental initiatives: LCA, carbon and water footprints, environmental labelling.
    Business process management: the definition and improvement of company processes.
    Company welfare and well-being.
    Risk management and Compliance: risk management and compliance to support business, for the growth of company value.
    Training: pre-defined and personalised training programmes aimed at increasing skills


  • All transformation processes require measurement of the benefits obtained through reliable, truthful and transparent reporting.
  • Process Factory measures organisational performance in all forms of sustainability according to the main international standards: GRI, CDP, SASB, IR.
  • It provides innovative software to assist in accounting processes.
  • It defines dashboards relating to the company KPI through the application of the most widespread Business Intelligence tools.

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